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Decade of Road Safety

A New Focus on Road Safety at Home and Abroad

Today marks the launch of a major UN initiative to address the terrible waste of life through road deaths around the world. Meanwhile closer to home, local authorities in Berkshire are making their own commitment to improving road safety across the county through the new Safer Roads initiative.

Safer Roads will build on the successes of the multi award winning Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership that was formally disbanded at the end of March, continuing some of the campaigns and activities that have contributed significant improvements over the last ten years.

Since 2000, the number of people injured on roads in Berkshire has fallen by around 33%, with the numbers  killed or seriously injured falling even further; by 53%. Nevertheless, there is still more work to be done with over 2,600 people injured each year across the county.

Meanwhile, around the world, 3,500 people leave home each day and never return because they have been suddenly, violently, killed in a road crash. These tragic deaths and the misery and grief they cause are not inevitable. The United Nations General Assembly has set the goal for the decade: “to stabilize and then reduce the forecast level of road traffic fatalities around the world” by 2020. Millions of deaths could potentially be prevented as a result.

Britain has the safest road network in the world, but it will require the kind of action being taken in Berkshire to continue to make progress.  Through Safer Roads campaigns such as Safer Rider which reached over 4.5 million people with its viral video campaign last year and Safe Drive Stay Alive, the high impact theatre presentation targeted at young drivers, will continue to be supported.

Safer Roads is working with each of the local authorities in Berkshire to understand emerging road safety issues and to target any enforcement and education campaigns in the most effective way.

Dan Campsall, spokesman for Safer Roads explained the strengths of the new initiative:

“As the UN spotlight falls on road safety it is vital that we continue to lead the way in providing the world’s safest road network. That involves every one of us; every driver, rider, cyclist and pedestrian playing our part to ensure the safety of our communities.

For years we have been working in partnership because it offers the opportunity to use a wider range of skills in developing more effective campaigns. Safer Roads will continue the great work that has been going on in recent years because every road death is a tragedy, and we must do all we can to prevent them in the future.”

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