Welcome to Flourish, an initiative to support more mature drivers in staying active and mobile into later life. Flourish is providing support by running events, producing advice and helping drivers to make their own considered decisions about when is the right time to reduce dependence on the car for the sake of staying safe.

The Mature Drivers Assessment Tool

We have also created the Mature Drivers Assessment Tool, this allows you to consider your own levels of risk arising from driving. Based on the kind of analysis used by insurance companies and drawing on academic research it will email you a personal set of results that allows you to understand the health and lifestyle choices that might be exposing you to higher risks; giving you some practical suggestions about how you could improve things. Start the assessment by clicking below:


The Driver’s Manual

To help you, we have created the Driver’s Manual which packed full of advice and freely available for you to browse below, or pick up a copy from one of or events.