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Headline Data wins International Award

In 2008, the Safer Roads Partnership wons its first award in its own right.  Collecting a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for Applied Technology with the Headline Data project.

The system allows quick and easy access to information about people who are most at risk on the roads and how they can be educated effectively. This approach had already enabled the partnership to start producing successful campaigns.

Dan Campsall, Communications Manager for the Partnership explained the benefits of the new approach. “Until we started working in this way, we had lots of detail about the crash as it happened, but very little understanding about the people who were involved.  We now have a much richer picture about the sort of lives they lead, the communities they live in, the places they go and the things watch, read and listen to. Big corporations have been doing this kind of work for years working out how to maximise sales; we want to do it to save lives”

The Headline Data tool, uses the Mosaic classification system, originally designed by Professor Richard Webber at UCL, which groups similar communities according to a host of factors such as education, employment, health issues and leisure choices. The partnership were the first road safety organisation in the country to start using this data and have developed it into a comprehensive analysis tool.

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