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New red traffic light campaign starts

Slough Borough Council’s road safety team has launched a new poster campaign warning drivers not to jump red traffic lights.

In time to coincide with the Olympics, the poster features two photographs, one of a high-jumper and the other a red traffic light. The message reads, ‘There are some things you can jump and there are some things you can’t.’

Surveys carried out by the council’s transport department at various traffic light junctions, revealed an alarming number of drivers ignoring red lights and thereby running the risk of a collision.

Offending drivers should be aware: Later this year the council and Thames Valley Police will be introducing cameras at various junctions in the borough to detect red light jumpers who will be prosecuted.

Keith Beasley, road safety officer for Slough Borough Council, said: “Drivers who abide by the law and obey the red traffic lights have absolutely nothing to worry about. The introduction of the cameras is one part of a much wider programme designed to reduce road traffic casualties within the borough.”

The posters will be displayed in public buildings and various businesses. Further poster campaigns will follow to coincide with the arrival of the cameras.

Keith added: “It’s important to educate drivers about the risks and consequences of jumping red traffic lights in addition to the police enforcing the law.”

Commissioner for community and leisure, Cllr Sohail Munawar, added: “Jumping red lights can have a devastating effect as it is so dangerous.

“There is never a good enough excuse to jump a red light, no matter how late you are or how frustrated you have become trying to get to your destination. Jumping red lights can kill.”