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Driver Fatigue Campaign Gains International Recognition

An inspirational media campaign has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

The Royal Awards recognise achievements in road safety. They are presented annually to the most outstanding examples of innovation across the world.

Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership (TVSRP) secured its success with ‘Have-a-Kip’. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) won recognition for ‘Embrace Life’.

‘Have-a-Kip’ was created to address the high number of fatigue related crashes on the major highways in Thames Valley. By building links with high profile football clubs and businesses, the partnership successfully reached hundreds of thousands in its target audience at minimal cost.

The campaign used a respected social marketing model to ensure a structured, research-based approach with measurable performance. It delivered vital messages, about managing tiredness while driving, through a range of media.

Collision data was examined for 28-day periods before, during and after the issuing of campaign messages. The results are positive. They show fatigue related crashes on strategic roads were at their lowest level as a proportion of all crashes during the campaign.

The numbers of incidents recorded are too small to be statistically significant. However, the ‘Have-a-Kip’ brand is now well established, and more fatigue related events are planned at motorway services.

The awards were presented at the Road Safety GB Annual Conference on 16 November at the Chesford Grange, Kenilworth, Warwickshire.Prince Michael Award Presentation

Presenting the awards, RoadSafe director, Adrian Walsh, said: “With reductions in central government funds to support public awareness and enforcement campaigns, well researched and skilfully executed initiatives such as these deserve public recognition. The winners thoroughly deserve their Awards; these schemes should be copied and used elsewhere.”

Dan Campsall, communications manager for TVSRP, said: “Driving whilst tired is a major issue on our roads that results in some of the most serious crashes we see. ‘Have a kip’ was designed to make the best research available to drivers but in a really accessible way; giving them some strategies to keep themselves safe.”