Experience is critical for drivers and the driving standards agency currently recommends that a learner receives 50 hours of professional training, plus an additional 25 hours of private practice. If you are the one who is sitting in with a learner while they are putting in these hours of practice you'll recognise that it is very important that you are clear on what is expected of you. Understanding your legal obligations as well as the prevailing teaching and testing regime will improve your confidence and make these times more productive for the driver. The Pree-Pass Support scheme events are run throughout the year as an aid to help you in the process, it cannot and should not replace the advice and professional guidance of your driving instructor.
For details on any upcoming Pre-Pass Support events; go to the events calendar.

Pre-Pass Support Scheme Events

The first Pre-Pass support scheme events have begun running in Bracknell Forest. The scheme developed by Safer Roads together with Blue School of motoring offers parents […]