Mobile Phone Offences

This is an offence under Section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and carries the maximum penalty up to £1,000 for car drivers (£2,500 for HGV and passenger vehicles carrying over 8 passengers) and 3 penalty points.

On 27th February 2007, the minimum penalty for holding a mobile phone while driving was increased from a £30 fixed penalty fine to a £100 fine and 3 penalty points on your licence.

Thames Valley Police believe education is a major influence on driver attitudes and behaviour and are therefore the first police force in the country to offer the opportunity to attend a Call Divert Scheme Workshop lasting 2½ hours as an alternative to a fine and penalty points.

Q. Am I entitled to have this dealt with by fixed penalty?
A. The fixed penalty is a conditional offer. If you have more than 8 points already on your licence or you do not hold a UK driving licence your offence will be dealt with at court.

Q. How many points do I get on my licence if I accept a fixed penalty and how much is the fine?
A. Currently the offence carries 3 penalty points and the fixed fine is £100. A Magistrates Court has the discretion to impose between 3 and 6 points and a fine up to £1000.

Q. Will I be offered an education course instead of points?
A. The option of a course rather than points is not available to everyone. If it is the first offence that you have committed in the last three years you are likely to be eligible.

Q. What will the Call Divert Workshop cost?
A. The 2½ hour workshop will cost £77 including VAT. This is instead of a fixed penalty of £100 and three penalty points.

Q. Where will the workshops be held?
A. They will be held at three training centres in the Thames Valley; Crowthorne, Berkshire; Upper Heyford near Bicester, Oxfordshire and Kiln Farm near Milton Keynes. This scheme is managed by our training providers DriveTech (UK) plc who also run our speed awareness and driver improvement schemes.

Q. What happens next?
A. If you are eligible for the course you will shortly receive a letter from Thames Valley Police offering you the chance to attend a workshop. If you do not wish to attend, you will receive a fixed penalty fine of £100 and 3 penalty points on your licence or the opportunity to go to court.

Q. When do you get your licence back?
A. Your licence will automatically be returned to you by post either after you have successfully completed a Call Divert Workshop, paid your fine or attended court.

If you would like more information on the course please visit