If you have been detected committing a speed offence you may have questions about what happens next, how it will affect your licence, whether you have the chance of going on a course or what if you would rather go to court?

Here is some information to help you to understand the process.

Q. What speed was I doing?
A. Your speed as recorded on the evidential film is printed on your Notice of Intended Prosecution.

Q. How many points do I get on my licence if I accept a fixed penalty and how much is the fine?
A. Currently the offence carries 3 penalty points and the fixed fine is £100. A Magistrates Court has the discretion to impose between 3 and 6 points and a fine up to £1000 (£2500 on motorways)

Q. Am I entitled to have this dealt with by fixed penalty?
A. The fixed penalty is a conditional offer. If your offence was a serious one, you have more than 8 points already on your licence or you do not hold a UK driving licence your offence will be dealt with at court.

Q. Will I be offered an education course instead of points?
A. Thames Valley does offer one of the largest education programmes in the country for drivers caught speeding. Drivers will only be offered a course if they have not previously attended one with a participating police force in the last three years and if they are caught at or just above the threshold set by ACPO.

Q. What if I’m not the registered keeper of the vehicle?
A. If you have sold the vehicle you must notify the Fixed Penalty Support Unit immediately to help us identify the offender.

Q. What do I do if I am an employer and one of my employees was the driver?
A. You are obliged by law to complete the form and identify the person who was driving the vehicle at the time. You need to have a system in place which will help you to do this.

Q. What if there were mitigating circumstances
Once you have identified that you were the driver at the time of the offence, you may put forward your own statement about mitigating circumstance for consideration. Ultimately, if you want to plead your case before Magistrates you can elect to, however, you should be aware that magistrates have the right to increase the fine and penalty points, enforce a possible disqualification and impose court costs.

For more information & FAQs on speeding tickets please visit the Thames Valley Police website