We want the Royal Borough to be a safe place for all those who, work, visit or live in the area. We hope that by taking a holistic approach to road safety and by working in partnership with key stakeholders, we can work together to benefit the borough.

Increase in Bikability training

West Berkshire Council have been increasing their uptake in the Bikeability cycle training, offered to all school age children, by hanging PVC banners outside of the […]

Urban Limits Tour 2014

Plans are under-way for the next urban limits tour, which will take place in July 2014. Last year the three day tour, saw our riders stop […]

Booster Boy on Tour

Both Booster Boy and his twin sister, Booster Girl have been on tour visiting various schools throughout Berkshire. The lucky schools all get a copy of […]

Tyre Safety Event

On Wednesday 9th October, a Tyre Safety Event will be taking place at the Calcot Sava Centre. The event is being held as part of a […]